Recognize AI potential and extend your competitive edge !

Do Excel lists determine your daily planning routine, are on-time deliveries often only feasible with short-term and time-consuming control interventions and is your shift planning still done manually?

Using AI can save resources and give your company an edge over the competition! Used correctly, AI provides optimized processes, faster market responsiveness, and thus many advantages over competitors.

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Agnes Tholen

Director Sales & Marketing (ppa.)

What is your project goal?

However, before AI can be successfully implemented, you need a clear project goal (scoping).

For this purpose, the particular challenges that have not yet been satisfactorily mastered and are to be solved with AI in the future will be worked out. Specific problem areas are identified by identifying business processes that need improvement. The selection of relevant key figures regarding time, costs and quality is important.

A practical example: Intelligent planning with the help of an AI solution saves you from manual planning with numerous Excel lists, automates and optimizes planning. In addition, after implementation, it automatically learns the best scenarios according to the target – permanently an innovative and maximally optimized solution!

State of research

It is worthwhile to first get an overview of what the current state of research and technology is, as well as how the different AI methods as well as the current use of AI has been realized in other companies. In doing so, one can already obtain a first selection of suitable AI methods for business process optimization.

Relevance of your data

In an AI solution for business processes, the first step is to identify the relevant data required for machine learning. For this purpose, the information already available in applications (SAP®, Excel…) is sifted.

Feasibility analysis

With the feasibility analysis, you not only evaluate the application scenarios, but also whether your company already has skilled personnel capable of leading and managing an AI project. The assessment of technical, organizational, economic and time feasibility is a basic prerequisite and can be successfully implemented with the help of an initial potential workshop .

Profitable added value

Essential for profitable added value through the use of AI technologies is the definition of business objectives: What outcomes are to be achieved and what are the fundamental barriers to achieving those outcomes?

By defining precise requirements for a prototype, one can begin rough project planning for a conceivable AI implementation. If the goals defined in advance have been achieved, the prototype can go into productive use. In this case, the use of AI can be an important basis for decision-making for future steps.


Your individual AI solution can support you

  • by increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • in reducing costs.

  • by improving the quality of products and services.

  • through optimizing customer experiences.

  • by increasing sales and profits.

Our products help you leverage your individual AI potential.


With the AI solution ArtificialVet®, animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings are specified and standardized via exemplary camera images.

more about the product


Our AI application BoxInspector® provides automated quality assurance through image recognition with optimal recognition performance.

more about the product


The AI solution HookTracing® offers the visual identification of individual animals via camera images of the Eurohooks (DIN 250).

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AI Potential Workshops

In our AI potential workshop, we identify concrete use cases for AI in your company.

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LivestockGuardian: Our AI-powered sensor data analysis for automated and continuous high animal activity detection.

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With the AI solution MeatVision, (disassembled) products in returnable transport packaging and EURO boxes are automatically recognized.

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