AI-assisted image recognition

BoxInspector® – visual quality inspection of returnable transport packaging and Euroboxes

BoxInspector® is the smart system solution for visual quality inspection.

By using the AI application BoxInspector®, you achieve automated, high-quality quality assurance via AI-based, company-specific image recognition (computer vision) with maximum accuracy.

You gain cost savings on labor-intensive manual quality inspections.


What is BoxInspector® and what does it change for me?

  • The application realizes visual quality inspection of returnable transport packaging (hinged boxes) and Euroboxes.

  • Automated visual inspection and subsequent ejection takes place.

  • The classifications “dirty”, “defective” and others are possible.

  • The system control takes place in real time.

  • The positioning of the camera line is possible before or after the car wash.

Your benefits from using our BoxInspector® solution.

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Optimal detection performance for quality assurance

Thanks to AI-supported image analysis.

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Cost savings

Save costs for quality assurance.

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Standardization and acceleration

In productive operation.

By implementing our AI application BoxInspector® you can gain a competitive advantage in quality and objectification of your products! They additionally optimize the duration and efficiency of the inspection process.

  • Automated and continuous high quality assurance.

  • Ensures the avoidance of subjective or low-quality results.

  • For returnable transport boxes or Euroboxes on a visual level.

  • Contains a traceability of the inspection via image documentation.

Product Data Sheet.

  • Application scenarios

  • Process representation

  • Potential through the use of BoxInspector®

  • Technical data and requirements

  • Reference customer

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