Artificial intelligence and SAP® applications

Smart and individual solutions for your company.

Together we will achieve your goals.

CompanyMind is specialized in AI applications and customized SAP® developments.

We engage intensively with our customers to understand their needs and find suitable solutions. We are driven by the desire to achieve our goals together and to support our customers on their way to success!

Data & AI are the future of business. These technologies make our customers more competitive & successful .”

Dr. Hergen Pargmann
CEO & Principal Consultant

Individual challenge – individual solution.

As a start-up for Applied Artificial Intelligence, we specialize in finding a customized and innovative solution for every individual challenge. We know that every company, every industry and every problem is different and therefore requires a unique solution.

We use cutting-edge AI technologies and methods and pride ourselves on developing world-firsts that give our customers a distinct competitive advantage.

Always on the lookout for new challenges, we look forward to working with our customers to develop innovative solutions and achieve their goals.

We often manage to further develop the solutions into solutions for a whole industry, so that we can already offer mature products for some application scenarios!

An excerpt of our customers.

Smart processes through our products.

Our products ArtificialVet®, BoxInspector®, HookTracing®, LivestockGuardian, MeatVision and our AI potential workshops offer innovative solutions for especially those companies that want to optimize their business processes.

Our products are designed to increase efficiency and achieve our customers’ business goals.


With the AI solution ArtificialVet®, animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings are specified and standardized via exemplary camera images.

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Our AI application BoxInspector® provides automated quality assurance through image recognition with optimal recognition performance.

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The AI solution HookTracing® offers the visual identification of individual animals via camera images of the Eurohooks (DIN 250).

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AI Potential Workshops

In our AI potential workshop, we identify concrete use cases for AI in your company.

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LivestockGuardian: Our AI-powered sensor data analysis for automated and continuous high animal activity detection.

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With the AI solution MeatVision, (disassembled) products in returnable transport packaging and EURO boxes are automatically recognized.

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We are proud to work with a wide variety of companies in different industries to achieve their goals. Here you can learn more about our customers and projects.

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We are united by our fascination for the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence – and are looking for equally highly motivated colleagues who want to move and shape things as a team! With direct application.

Career at CompanyMind

Useful AI knowledge

What is AI, what forms does it take, and how does an AI model actually work? We introduce categories of AI, explain terms, and provide insights into productive applications from the food industry, for example.

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CompanyMind – development of AI solutions and SAP® software.

Applied Artificial intelligence – that is our mission! Together with an agile team of data scientists, business informatics specialists and AI experts, we work on customer projects from various industries.

We are united by our fascination for the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence – so we are highly motivated colleagues who want to move and shape things as a team. Our activities focus on the development of AI solutions and SAP® software as well as their integration.

  • Applied Artificial Intelligence.

  • Numerous projects from business & research.

  • Wide range of applications, such as production, planning, control, quality management, etc.