AI-assisted image recognition

ArtificialVet® – AI system for the detection of animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings.

ArtificialVet® provides automated detection of findings.

With the AI solution ArtificialVet®, animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings are specified and standardized via exemplary camera images, such as tail and ear lesions, skin lesions, percussion straps, joint inflammation, etc. The system provides audit-proof information for animal welfare standards as well as a systematic, continuous and valid assessment of delivered animals.


What is ArtificialVet® and what does its use change for me?

  • ArtificialVet® is an AI system for automated detection of animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings.

  • All visual findings of the carcass and organs are possible.

  • The application provides you with standardized criteria for slaughter findings and avoidance of subjective findings.

  • Comprehensibility of the findings through visual highlighting of relevant points (“explainability”).

  • Automatic ejection when findings are made.

  • Animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings can be integrated into different IT systems, such as SAP, MS Navision, BDE or MES.

Your benefits from using our ArtificialVet® solution.

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Automatic ejection

Of animals for further evaluation by veterinarians.

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Systematic, continuous assessment

From delivered animals.

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Image documentation for feedback to suppliers or for training.

By implementing our AI application, you can gain a competitive advantage in quality and objectification of your carcass findings! They additionally optimize the duration and efficiency of the process and meet the objective of EU Regulation 2017/265, which calls for standardization.

  • Automatic detection of relevant indicators.

  • Standardization of criteria.

  • Explainability of AI through documentation of decisions.

  • Findings on the animal body and organs.

Product Data Sheet.

  • Application scenarios

  • Process representation

  • Potential through the use of ArtificialVet®

  • Technical data and requirements

  • Reference customer

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