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AI potential workshops – the first step to optimized processes

Our potential workshops

Artificial intelligence is an important factor because its use can optimise business processes. So far you are informed, we are sure!

However, we are experienced enough to know that the implementation of a custom-fit AI solution rarely fails due to the will of the responsible decision-makers – but mostly due to time and financial factors. That’s why we offer a format that delivers a very clear result for you at a low monetary and time cost:

Our individual AI potential workshop! This workshop focuses on how AI can be successfully introduced and permanently implemented in your company in order to digitise and optimise business processes. With our expertise in the area of business processes and applied artificial intelligence as well as our frequently successfully tested methodology, we can definitely help you with our workshop!

With our individual AI potential workshop, we deliberately set ourselves apart from generic online formats and general whitepaper solutions.


What do I get out of an AI potential workshop?

  • We work with you to identify concrete use cases for AI in your company.

  • Detailed analysis of potential.

  • Recommendation regarding potential AI scenarios in your organization.

Your benefits from our AI potential workshops.

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Identification of individual AI use cases

as well as relevant business objectives.

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Rough project planning

for a possible AI implementation.

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Individual recommendations

for potential AI scenarios.

For us, cooperation always begins with an intensive ideation phase – and this begins with our joint workshop!

Kick Off is the initial meeting to prepare the joint workshop, in which we discuss the content and objectives (approx. 30 minutes).

The workshop itself usually lasts up to 4 hours and is individually tailored to your requirements. All colleagues from departments relevant to you can take part.

The workshop takes place on site or via MS Teams as desired and usually consists of several steps that can be adapted to your ideas:

  1. Application scenarios AI in business processes.
  2. Identification of business processes in need of improvement.
  3. Potential analysis
  4. Feasibility analysis
  5. Conclusion
  6. Provision and summary of the workshop results.

We want to understand your individual challenges and together find meaningful application examples for AI in your company. In doing so, we take the time to clarify your questions and concerns and aim to build trust in the new technology.

Experience has shown that the interaction of the colleagues participating in the AI workshop from business areas relevant to you also has great potential to create a new awareness in the company for the possible use of innovative technologies!

  • An understanding of AI is developed in the team.

  • We identify problems and possible solutions within your processes.

  • You know the first, individual AI use cases.

  • We make clear recommendations regarding the developed use cases.

  • You have a solid basis for selecting a scenario for a prototype.

  • You can plan the next steps on the way to the productive use of artificial intelligence in your company.

  • They know the business goals that can be achieved with AI solutions.

Would you like to book one of our AI potential workshops?

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