We are CompanyMind – Applied Artificial Intelligence

We are on fire for artificial intelligence.

Applied artificial intelligence – that is our mission! Together with an agile team of scientists, business informatics specialists and AI experts, we work on customer projects from various industries.

We are united by our fascination for the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence – so we are highly motivated colleagues who want to move and shape things as a team. Our activities focus on the development of artificial intelligence solutions and SAP® software as well as their integration.

Objectives that we support.

A well-rehearsed team of researchers, scientists, strategists & programmers.

From the potential analysis for the use of AI, to the recording and analysis of the business processes, to the programming of the individual SAP® the AI solution and the corresponding consulting – we cover everything from the beginning to the implementation of the technical solution. We offer so to speak the “all-round carefree package”!

With a strong network behind you.

We are an integral part of the KI-Cluster Oldenburg.

The rapidly advancing development of smart technologies holds extraordinary innovation opportunities for companies. The buzzwords artificial intelligence and machine learning also play a major role in Oldenburg’s economy and science:

As a city on the Hunte River, Oldenburg is already a strategically important location when it comes to digitization and artificial intelligence. Experts in AI research and development exist in Oldenburg for both research and business:

The Carl von Ossietzky University, the OFFIS e.V. Institute for Computer Science, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) as well as numerous start-ups with a (development) focus on AI, data science and digitalization are active here.