Optimizing complicated processes in the food industry with the help of AI

Artificial intelligence can be used in production control and planning to optimize and automate the manufacturing process. This can involve various types of AI technologies, such as machine learning or predictive analytics, which automate and optimize complex decisions.

In the food sector, planning and production processes in particular are characterized by high fluctuations in supply and offtake, as well as by varying qualities of natural products.

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Agnes Tholen

Director Sales & Marketing (ppa.)

Production process planning

Here, AI systems can help plan production processes by making predictions about demand and the need for materials and resources. This can help avoid bottlenecks in production and prevent overproduction or overstocking. In the current project REIF it is shown that the reduction of food waste can be optimized with the help of AI in the entire production process – from cultivation/breeding to products in the grocery store. In this area, AI applications can generate surprising planning proposals that will guarantee significantly better utilization of all resources.

Prediction of disruptions or bottlenecks

Another use case is the prediction of bottlenecks or disruptions in the production process itself. Here, machine learning algorithms can be used to analyze historical data and make predictions about future events. Based on these predictions, appropriate measures can then be taken to avoid bottlenecks or respond quickly to disruptions. For example, ML models can help increase production efficiency by predicting machine downtime and scheduling maintenance to minimize production downtime.


AI in production control and planning

  • The manufacturing process is optimized and automated.

  • Leads to higher efficiency and product quality.

  • Bottlenecks or disruptions are identified at an early stage and measures are taken to avoid them.

  • Costs can be reduced because manual work processes can be automated.

Our products help you optimize your processes.


With the AI solution ArtificialVet®, animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings are specified and standardized via exemplary camera images.

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Our AI application BoxInspector® provides automated quality assurance through image recognition with optimal recognition performance.

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The AI solution HookTracing® offers the visual identification of individual animals via camera images of the Eurohooks (DIN 250).

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AI Potential Workshops

In our AI potential workshop, we identify concrete use cases for AI in your company.

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LivestockGuardian: Our AI-powered sensor data analysis for automated and continuous high animal activity detection.

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With the AI solution MeatVision, (disassembled) products in returnable transport packaging and EURO boxes are automatically recognized.

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