AI-supported sensor data analysis

LivestockGuardian – AI application for animal activity detection.

LivestockGuardian is the smart system solution for animal activity detection.

Our LivestockGuardian product combines visual inspection and sensory testing components to provide optimized anomaly detection in barn processes. LivestockGuardian consists of the DigiBarn, DigiMonitoring and AI Analysis systems.

Establishes the interface to the company’s ERP system and manages all relevant information for the two other modules DigiMonitoring and AIAnalysis.

DigiBarn provides the farm manager with all the functions he needs to handle all technical and business processes in the barn context. All algorithms are AI-free.

Continuously records all technical sensor data (temperature, humidity,CO2 and NH3 concentration, …). Animal sounds are detected via microphones and herd behavior via cameras.
All algorithms are AI-free.

Takes over all evaluations of the data for LivestockGuardian from the DigiBarn and DigiMonitoring modules.
All analyses are AI-based and calculate foreseeable trends or occurring anomalies.


What is LivestockGuardian and what does it change for me?

  • DigiBarn supports and implements processes, manages master data or configurations.

  • Administration of master and transaction data.

  • Activities and analyses in the stable.                                         

  • Analyses of all stalls and passages.        

Your benefits from using our LivestockGuardian solution.

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Improved animal activity detection

Through AI-powered analytics.

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Optimal sensor data analysis

Via camera systems, microphones as well as network technology.

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Standardization and acceleration

The processes in all stables.

By implementing our AI application, you can gain a competitive advantage within animal activity detection! They avoid subjective results and resort to optimal systems.

  • Automated and continuous high animal activity detection.

  • Ensures the avoidance of subjective or low-quality results.

  • Includes traceability of analyses via image and data documentation.

Product Data Sheet.

  • Application scenarios

  • Process representation

  • Potential through the use of LivestockGuardian

  • Technical data

  • Requirements

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