AI-assisted image recognition

MeatVision – automatic detection of products in returnable transport packaging and Euroboxes

MeatVision – our smart solution for visual recognition.

With the AI solution MeatVision, (disassembled) products in returnable transport packaging and Euroboxes are automatically recognized. There is an automated image analysis at the scale, the goods receipt booking is done in real time.


What is MeatVision and what does it change for me?

  • MeatVision is an AI system for visual recognition of (meat) products.

  • Reliable and automated inspection of your (meat) products including traceability.

  • Replacement of staff at the scale/ goods receipt posting.

  • Acceleration of the belt speed.

  • Integration with SAP® ERP and SAP® S/4HANA.

Your benefits from using our MeatVision solution.


Personnel savings

At the scale/goods receipt posting.

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Automated inspection

Recognize products in the boxes.

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The processes and belt speed.

By implementing our AI application, you can gain a competitive advantage in quality and objectification of your products! They additionally optimize the duration and efficiency of the inspection process.

  • An alternative to personal, individual inspection of products.

  • Ensures the avoidance of subjective or low-quality results.

  • For all products in returnable transport boxes or Euroboxes on a visual level.

  • Contains a traceability of the inspection via image documentation.

Product Data Sheet.

  • Application scenarios

  • Process representation

  • Potential through the use of MeatVision

  • Technical data and requirements

  • Reference customer

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