Data-based business processes and -models

Artificial intelligence automates, optimizes and changes processes in companies, enables better forecasts, more efficient planning and control. Particularly repetitive processes can usually be easily automated by an AI application – and users often save a great deal of time and money as a result. Going a step further, AI is helping to develop proprietary data-driven business models.

If business-relevant data is converted into intelligent business models, a company in almost any industry can secure a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated.

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Agnes Tholen

Director Sales & Marketing (ppa.)

Data as a springboard for smart transformation

The basis for new products or a new business field is sufficiently qualified data!

The active use of machine learning will have a significant impact on the business world in the coming years. With this development in mind, many companies have already started to collect and analyze data. The smart added value comes into play here when the results of the collected data come into contact with machine learning.

For this decisive step, applying companies need a clear strategic objective in advance. Only then will they be able to use the diverse possibilities of artificial intelligence to their advantage in a targeted manner. An AI potential workshop helps in this phase, in which the selection of suitable AI methods for business process optimization as well as possible application scenarios of AI are worked out. In addition, this workshop will focus on a selection of relevant key figures regarding time, costs and quality as well as on the review of available data.

Food industry: conserving resources, saving costs

In order to stay ahead of the international competition, companies from the food industry in particular should lose no time and quickly look into possible fields of application.

For example, a pioneering role in the field of sustainability within the food industry is closely linked to resource-saving production processes. Here, the greatest leverage is that all products with their respective quantities correspond exactly to the customers’ needs. And this in a planning environment with high fluctuations on the part of customers and the seasonal availability of raw materials. Only solution methods from the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning can continuously adapt to this planning environment and always guarantee better results than previous methods.

AI can also make production processes, some of which are very energy-intensive, more sustainable, for example by drastically reducing electricity consumption – and thus CO2 emissions.


To remain a leader in international competition

  • Companies from the food industry in particular should lose no time and quickly look into possible AI fields of application!

  • To do this, applying companies need a clear strategic objective in advance.

  • An AI potential workshop helps in this transformation phase.

Our products help you optimize your processes.


With the AI solution ArtificialVet®, animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings are specified and standardized via exemplary camera images.

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Our AI application BoxInspector® provides automated quality assurance through image recognition with optimal recognition performance.

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The AI solution HookTracing® offers the visual identification of individual animals via camera images of the Eurohooks (DIN 250).

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AI Potential Workshops

In our AI potential workshop, we identify concrete use cases for AI in your company.

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LivestockGuardian: Our AI-powered sensor data analysis for automated and continuous high animal activity detection.

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With the AI solution MeatVision, (disassembled) products in returnable transport packaging and EURO boxes are automatically recognized.

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