AI raises quality standards

With the help of AI methods, sources of error can be reduced and thus quality standards can be increased. And this in a form never seen before. When integrated into modern machine vision applications, AI can vastly improve defect inspection detection rates. Objects can be precisely classified and thus reliably identified.

There are many application scenarios of AI in quality control, some examples from our daily practice we would like to mention here:

My area of expertise.


Agnes Tholen

Director Sales & Marketing (ppa.)

Image recognition

AI systems can be used to automatically analyze images of products and check for defects – quality increases!

Pattern recognition

AI systems can be used to detect patterns in production data and automatically adjust processes to improve quality.

Forecast modeling

AI systems can be used to make predictions about the quality of products in the future, based on historical data.

Process optimization

AI systems can be used to automatically optimize processes in production to improve product quality.

Anomalies and auxiliary processes

Defects or anomalies of various kinds can be unerringly detected and precisely localized with the help of AI methods: Animal findings (ArtificialVet®) and product analyses (MeatVision) already deliver results that are qualitatively far above human analyses. Monotonous auxiliary processes can also be supported. For example, cleaning processes for boxes can be quality assured (BoxInspector®).

Successful quality assurance with AI requires exactly one prerequisite in step one: high-quality data is needed that is complete, up-to-date, and relevant!

We find out whether your data meets this requirement and which application scenarios in your company really have AI potential in one of our individual AI potential workshops, in which the selection of suitable AI methods for business process optimization as well as possible application scenarios of AI are worked out.


Identifying AI potentials in your company can help to

  • Reduce sources of error and raise quality standards to unprecedented levels.

  • classify objects precisely and thus identify them reliably.

  • unerringly detect and precisely localize defects or anomalies of various kinds.

  • Support monotonous auxiliary processes.

Our products help you raise your quality standards.


With the AI solution ArtificialVet®, animal welfare indicators and slaughter findings are specified and standardized via exemplary camera images.

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Our AI application BoxInspector® provides automated quality assurance through image recognition with optimal recognition performance.

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The AI solution HookTracing® offers the visual identification of individual animals via camera images of the Eurohooks (DIN 250).

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AI Potential Workshops

In our AI potential workshop, we identify concrete use cases for AI in your company.

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LivestockGuardian: Our AI-powered sensor data analysis for automated and continuous high animal activity detection.

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With the AI solution MeatVision, (disassembled) products in returnable transport packaging and EURO boxes are automatically recognized.

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