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Useful and interesting facts about AI

Here we introduce forms and categories of AI, explain terms and provide insights into productive applications of the various industries – especially the food industry we focus on, whose often very complex processes can be optimized thanks to AI applications.

In the coming sections, we will take an in-depth look at the fascinating field of AI. From the basics to advanced applications, we will explore various aspects of this technology. Whether you’re already familiar with the basics or just getting started, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

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Artificial intelligence

AI is a revolutionary and fascinating area of computer science that gives machines the ability to simulate human-like thinking and learning. Dive into the world of AI!

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the engine behind many innovations and breakthrough solutions that have changed processes (not only) in the world of work across disciplines. Learn more here!

Deep Learning

Deep Learning enables computers to learn and solve complex tasks. In the food industry, for example, Deep Learning can be used to automatically check the quality of products using images. Continue here!

Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning is one of the main categories in the field of Machine Learning. Here the algorithm works with labeled training data. This means that the input data (features) are paired with the corresponding output data (labels or target variables). More information is available here.

On-Premise or Cloud?

Host AI applications in the cloud or better choose an on-premise solution? The decision is a hardly revocable step in the introduction of AI in companies. Hergen Pargmann explains the advantages and disadvantages of both options here!

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